UNIVERZAL ULTRASYN 4T 5W-40 is a high-performance motorcycle oil developed with 100% synthetic base stock and state-of-the-art advanced additive technology to meet the rigorous lubrication requirements of today’s sophisticated 4-stroke motorcycles with much higher engine temperatures.

UNIVERZAL ULTRASYN 4T 5W-40 meets the latest JASO MA requirements including the JASO MA 2 friction category for use in transmissions with wet clutch systems where engine & gearbox oils are combined. It has optimum clutch slip prevention.

UNIVERZAL ULTRASYN 4T 5W-40 synthetic content has stronger oil film protection and better lubrication under severe high torque, high stress conditions. It protects against wear, keeps the engine clean, and prevents oxidation.

UNIVERZAL ULTRASYN 4T 5W-40 is recommended for use in modern high speed and high temperature of four stroke engine such as motorcycle, sports bikes and scooters. It is also suitable for be used in small engines.