UNIVERZAL ATF D3H is a premium quality automatic transmission fluid designed for modern automatic gearboxes to meet the standards of General Motors and Ford, as well as other OEMs. Formulated with hydro-treated base stocks and coupled advanced technological additives such as unique seal conditioners, long-life friction modifiers, special anti-wear additives, low-temperature fluidity and shear stable viscosity modifiers. It helps prevent the causes of the common issues of transmission breakdowns such as leakage, slippage, shudder and gear wears.

UNIVERZAL ATF D3H is recommended for use in modern passenger cars and light trucks where GM Dexron IIIH, GM Dexron IIIG and GM Dexron IIIF is required.  UNIVERZAL ATF D3H is backwards compatible with older GM specifications.

Note: Not recommended for applications where requiring GM DEXRON VI, Ford MERCON V, MERCON LV, MERCON SP and Ford Type F.