We specialize in providing high performance lubricants used in wide range of application. Ever since its establishment, Univerzal has been developing high performance lubricating oil in the spirit of challenge and pioneering.


Univerzal has been committed to R&D and quality improvement of its products that are essential for industrial machinery, automotive, motorcycle, commercial trucks, metal working fluid and other industries. We have provided customer-tailored products and standardizing product development as we successfully adapted to the rapidly changing environment with our accumulated technology and experience.

We are continuously striving to develop products and achieve optimum customer services for realization of priority in customer satisfaction through an advance research and development. The most pleasure of Univerzal products is to satisfy customer’s needs. We’ll show a first class product, competitive price, outstanding custom service and support with our confidence.




Our vision is to become a leading independent manufacturer of high-quality lubricants and associated products. Through the pursuit of service and technical excellence, we aim to continuously meet and exceed the demands placed upon us by our diverse customer base.


Through continuous inward investment in core competencies it is our mission to grow both geographical and product markets to drive revenue growth. Development of competencies within our distribution networks and enhanced customer understanding will enable us to achieve our vision.