UNIVERZAL Super Turbo CF-4 15W-40 is premium quality multi-grade engine oil formulated with hydro-treated base oil coupled with selected advanced additives to provide better engine protection. It contains oxidation inhibitors to control oxidation, detergent and dispersant to reduce sludge formation and undue thickening during oil drain periods. It also contains a high level of anti-wear additives that protect against engine wear.

UNIVERZAL Super Turbo CF-4 15W-40 is formulated with higher alkalinity to neutralize the effect of deleterious combustion products associated with high Sulphur present in the diesel fuels.

UNIVERZAL Super Turbo CF-4 15W-40 is recommended for fleet operators with different kind of vehicles, suitable for both on- and off-highway vehicles and industrial machinery.

Meet or exceed the API CF-4/SG Service category for heavy-duty engines and may be used as for gasoline engines requiring API SG and lower.