UNIVERZAL VERZACUT EP 15 is light to medium duty straight cutting oil fortified with extreme pressure, anti-wear, lubricity and corrosion protection additive. It has excellent lubrication and cutting performance that helps increase productivity and performance, as well as maintain high surface-finish levels and dimensional accuracy. It is formulated with light colored appearance permit a clear view of the tool and work piece and enhance the accuracy of the work piece of the modern tools and machines. Suitable for both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

UNIVERZAL VERZACUT EP 15 is suitable for broaching, threading of high tensile and tough materials such as nickel alloys, aluminum alloys and copper alloys, etc.

UNIVERZAL VERZACUT EP 15 is for light duty to medium duty general purpose machining processes such as drilling, threading, tapping, milling, gear cutting, gear shaping and gear broaching. It is suitable for machining the following materials: aluminium alloys, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Magnesium & mild steel.