UNIVERZAL Tri-Purpose Oil is a triple function can be used as hydraulic oil, machine gear lubricant, and cutting oil in machining tools such as automatic screw machines and NC/CNC machining centres. The cutting oil function of this oil is suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals like brass, copper, bronze, aluminium and magnesium alloys. The tri-functionality of this oil help reduces costs by consolidating inventory and minimizing cross-contamination risks.

UNIVERZAL Tri-Purpose Oil is suitable for automatic screw machines, lathes and other metalworking applications where the cutting fluid lubricates the work piece, hydraulic pumps, motors, and gears.

UNIVERZAL Tri-Purpose Oil is suitable for boring, broaching, drilling, gear hobbing, grinding, milling, tapping and shaping of a wide variety of metals (both ferrous and non-ferrous) from steels to harder materials.