UNIVERZAL SUPERLUBE SYNTEC 5W-50 is premium quality advanced synthetic diesel engine oil formulated from 100% synthetic base stock coupled with advanced additives to meets the latest industry standards as well as many OEM’s(Original Equipment Manufacturer’s) requirements. The advanced technological additive contains in these oils allow optimum chemical bonding to metal parts, producing a lasting film that prevents metal-to-metal contacts. At the same time, the oil provides rapid oil circulation during the warming-up phase. These oil exhibit excellent shear stability, fuel-saving property and low-temperature properties allow being used as all-season oil. It also provides effective control of piston deposits, advanced soot controlling performance and also has a high alkaline reserve that neutralizes corrosive acids.

UNIVERZAL SUPERLUBE SYNTEC 5W-50 is developed to meet the diesel engine requirements of lower emission and longer drain intervals and is suitable for use in engine fitted with emission reduction devices like the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). It also meets the warranty requirements of the major OEMs such as Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Daimler and Volvo.

UNIVERZAL SUPERLUBE SYNTEC 5W-50 is recommended for use in high-speed four-stroke diesel engines that require API CI-4 or lower grade performance, including electronically controlled and high-speed turbocharged models, and those fitted with emission reduction devices. Suitable for used off-highway application, stationary power generation & marine service where a diesel engine oil is specified. Also suitable for use in gasoline engine where API SL or lower.