UNIVERZAL Motorcycle Oil 10W-40 is a high-performance semi-synthetic four-stroke motorcycle engine oil that meets the industry’s latest requirements. It is formulated from synthetic and mineral oils with cutting-edge additive technology to provide improved lubrication over a wide temperature range. It’s designed to keep your engine clean and resistant to oxidation while also protecting it from wear and tear.

UNIVERZAL Motorcycle Oil 10W-40 meets JASO T903 requirements including JASO MA/MA2 friction category for improved clutch performance, and exceeds the API SL service quality.

UNIVERZAL Motorcycle Oil 10W-40 is recommended for use in all motorcycles brands, mopeds and All-Terrain Vehicle (ATF) with 4-stroke engines including but not limited to Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Kubota and etc.