UNIVERZAL ATF MV is a fully synthetic premium quality automatic transmission fluid designed for a wide range of modern automatic transmission system in multi-vehicle applications. It is formulated with synthetic base stock coupled with advanced state of the art additive to enhanced wear protection, reduce deposits, extend clutch life, reduced maintenance cost, improved lubricant and low-temperature fluidity and increase durability.

UNIVERZAL ATF MV is developed to reduce the inventory of a wide range of automatic transmission fluids specification requirement of different manufacturers. It meets or exceeds the performance requirements of most North American, European and Asian vehicles. It also meets and exceeds the JASO 1A specifications (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) and has excellent anti-shudder durability (ASD).

UNIVERZAL ATF MV is a universal automatic transmission fluid recommended for use in modern high-performance car, trucks, buses, utility vehicles, hauliers, vans and other equipment. Not recommend for DCT, CVT, Mercon LV, Ford Type F, Dexron-VI, Toyota WS, Mercedes-Benz 236.8.