UNIVERZAL Synthetic PAG Gear Oil series are superior performance gear oil formulated from Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) based synthetic fluids that provide outstanding load carrying properties, low traction coefficient and excellent thermal stability. These oils provide outstanding benefits in terms of efficiency, long oil life and equipment protection. The unique high viscosity index property of UNIVERZAL Synthetic PAG Gear Oils is suitable for wide operating conditions beyond the capabilities of other synthetic lubricants and mineral oils.

UNIVERZAL Synthetic PAG Gear Oil series are recommended for lubrication of calendars, and bevel, spiral bevel, helical, enclosed spur and worm gear units. Thermally stable operation at temperatures in excess of 200°C. The approximate service oil life excess of 10,000 hours at 100°C in industrial enclosed gear units, the performance allowing for extended drain intervals and, in some cases, for operation as a “Fill for Life” lubricant. UNIVERZAL Synthetic PAG Gear Oil is not compatible with mineral oil and other synthetic lubricant type.