UNIVERZAL Synthetic Industrial Gear Oils are formulated with synthetic hydrocarbon and ester base stock coupled with state of the art additives to provide outstanding protection of gears and lubrication performance under severe operating conditions. It includes improved energy efficiency, long service life over conventional mineral oils and high resistance to micro-pitting for optimal gear protection. The high viscosity index of these oils offers less change in viscosity with temperature changes, allow wider operating temperature range and improved low-temperature startup.

UNIVERZAL Synthetic Industrial Gear Oils are recommended for all enclosed industrial gearboxes such as spur, helical, worm & bevel operating under severe conditions. Also suitable for plain and rolling element bearings, where extreme low and/or high temperatures are encountered and applications where corrosion may be severe. While the UNIVERZAL Synthetic Industrial Gear Oil is compatible with mineral oil-based products, admixture may affect their performance, it is recommended to thoroughly cleaned out and flushed to achieve the maximum performance benefits.